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What to expect when you’re minding less in Abruzzo

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Abruzzo may not be thought of in the same bracket as Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast when it comes to tourism in Italy, but it definitely should be. It’s wild, untamed, and beautiful. There are breath-taking national parks, a rugged Adriatic coastline, and plenty of historic towns and villages. It may not be top of an Italian travel itinerary, which means, when you visit Abruzzo, you’ll have a more authentic and traditional Italian experience!

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Morning yoga session overlooking the picturesque coastline.

Long and lazy terrace breakfast.



When you arrive at our beautiful new villa, you will be given plenty of time to settle in and explore your home for the next week. We will come together at around 6.30 to enjoy a welcome drink and a delicious in-house dinner, courtesy of our own private chef.

There will be an optional meditation, but more often than not everyone opts to continue conversations and getting to know each other before retreating to their rooms for the night.



Following yoga and a long, lazy breakfast, you will enjoy free-time to do with as you please. This is a week for you to explore but also to unwind and take a break.

Some guests will receive their complimentary massage or and others, their one-on-one yoga session.

In the evening we will enjoy a delicious local meal in local town of Giulianova


We will travel along a colourful stretch of the Mediterranean Sea, among the Trabocchi: ancient fishing machines built on stilts in the sea, today charming restaurants. We will have a stop, with a view of the picturesque Gulf of Venus and the guided tour of San Giovanni in Venere Abbey: a splendid example of Romanic art. Later we will learn how to use a real travocco and there we will have a local seafood lunch. This is really a unique experience: it's like being suspended between sky and sea.

At this point you can choose to return or visit the historic centre of Ortona, a delightful seaside town with ancient historical roots. In the past it was also called the “small Stalingrad”, for having been the scene of fierce battles during the Second World War. Of great historical interest is the Cathedral of St. Thomas the Apostle, where his own relics are kept, and also the ruins of the Aragonese Castle. You will then walk along the suggestive oriental promenade, a panoramic "balcony" overlooking the sea.


This morning we will continue the deliciousness of the complimentary massages and private one-on-one yoga sessions before spending the afternoon getting lost in the luscious cliffside gardens of Ravello, a charming historical town you are sure to fall in love with. All the walking will work up our appetite just in time for Nicola @ Babel Wine Bar to welcome us with a deliciously fresh dinner, accompanied by equally enticing local wine.


On the road to Scanno ( one of the “Borghi più Belli D’Italia”, most beautiful villages in Italy), we'll come across ancient villages hidden in the mountains. We will reach the Sagittarius Gorges and we’ll continue along one of the most panoramic roads in Abruzzo up to Scanno Lake, not far from the town centre.

We will continue towards the old town, a real open-air museum. Its urban fabric is typical of the mountain centres of Abruzzo, made up of narrow streets, stepped steps, small squares, narrow houses one above the other. The elegant buildings in sculpted stone bear witness to the economic well-being of the past, which has given impetus to flourishing trade (wool, cheese) and prestigious handicrafts, in particular the art of lace-making and goldsmithing, which still today keep alive traditional models and techniques On demand: stop in one of the oldest goldsmiths' workshops in the town, where we will learn more about this ancient craft and about the typical dress, still worn today by some elderly women.

Typical lunch in a restaurant and walk around the lake to relax in nature.

At this point you can choose to return or visit Sulmona, one of the most beautiful cities in the region.

Guided tour in the historical centre. Sulmona is famous because it’s the birthplace of Ovidio, the poet of Love, and it is full of tradition and history. The guided tour will start from the San Panfilo Cathedral and will end at the medieval aqueduct, in front of the magnificent natural scenery of the Majella mountains. Later we will visit a confeti (delicious sugar-coated almonds) workshop.



Today is a free day for you to do as you please. If there is a tour, such as a boat trip to Capri, or a day exploring the ruins of Pompeii, or a gastronomy experience, Tory will be very happy to organise it for you. Perhaps you want to catch up some shopping in Ravello, or take time exploring the beautiful churches of Scala. This is a day for you to do what you haven’t had time to do.


How does food and wine in Sorrento sound? Hopefully, fabulous because this is what we will be doing today. We will have a transfer from the villa to Amalfi wharf (the high energy ones might prefer to leave early and walk down to Amalfi), where we will catch the ferry to Sorrento. From there we will meet our tour guide who will take us on a delicious expedition.

We will take the ferry back and enjoy a farewell dinner @ our villa!



Lots of hugs, laughter, contact details swapped and a few tears as we feast on our final breakfast together before we checkout and be on our way to....

NOTE: this itinerary is a general guide. You will receive your actual itinerary closer to the escape.


"If you only ever go on one escape this is the one to go on. Absolutely loved my Amalfi holiday and would love so very much to go again in Puglia. Tory is fabulous."  Jan, UK​​​
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