The Lane Change Difference

In the yoga, health and wellness world the word 'mindfulness' is a buzz. It's thrown around with great importance.

For me, it's just another item to add to our 'To-Do List'

Why is Lane Change different?

Because I want you to let go of the mind-'full'-ness and mind 'less' instead.

Throw the to-do-list out the window, I’ll take care of that! Enjoy the pleasure of eating food because it tastes amazing, drinking vino because you love it, sleep in because you can or get up for yoga because it makes you feel good.

Let go of the ‘I have to, I should be or I shouldn't be' and

just BE, with me.

Join me while we...



On a Mind Less Experience, mindfulness comes naturally because there's nowhere else your mind wants to be.

"Run away with Tory to the Amalfi coast, she is just so much fun!  You will eat so well, drink a little, explore the villages and ancient sites, stretch out with Yoga if you like and chill by the mineral pool perched on a cliff, overlooking the Amalfi coast…while getting a massage!  Tory knows many of the local shop owners and restauranteurs so wherever you go, you are welcomed like family. At no time did I feel like a tourist and that’s a rare gift." Shilo, Australia

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The Mind Less Experience is an opportunity for me to mix my passion with my love and share it with you.


I'm a people person and I'm happiest when I am creating and sharing experiences and life with others. I am passionate about making life easier for others, from CEO's to yoga students to the old man crossing the road. This is a passion.

Italy is a love (obsession it could be said) and it holds a place in my heart. I can't get enough and I love it more every time I visit. It's like a happiness drug and I need to share it with you.